About Us

We  are a company that produces high quality, naturally cultivated medical  marijuana in rural British Columbia under a production license from  Health Canada.  Our crops are all hand cultivated, allowing us to ensure  the optimum health and well being of our plants.  Our product is  regularly inspected and tested for quality and quantity of content both  during the growing process and after harvesting.  Our facilities are  located on a large, agricultural property and all product is grown  indoors under controlled, sanitary conditions.  We are currently working  with Health Canada on our application to become a licensed producer of  marijuana under the new regulations.

We are a small, boutique style grower that specializes in quality, hand  cultivated product. Our products will include a variety of different  strains in different price ranges to make medical marijuana accessible  to patients of all income levels.

For more information contact us at info@medicalmarijuanaproducts.ca
or call us toll free at 1-888-578-8561