Update - Our Application Process - June 2019

Champion is very pleased to announce we have been notified by Health Canada that we have completed the preliminary and high level review of our license application. We are now moving into the building stage on our site. 

Champion MMP Ltd. has been producing and providing a pure, high quality, medicinal cannabis product as a Designated Grower since 2010. We are excited about our future in providing the same quality of product to licensed producers in Canada.

Update - Our Application Process - June 2018

We continue to work with Health Canada on our Licensed Producer licensing requirements. We are currently in the final stages of our review and pending license approval. Our goal is to be in full production by early July 2018.

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Watch-Medical marijuana users vow to fight new licensing laws   -  Medical marijuana users are outraged by new laws announced last month which will mean they can no longer grow their own pot. In Canada almost 30,000 people are licensed to possess the drug under the medical marijuana program. Of those 18,000 grow it themselves. But as of April 1, 2014, only those who’ve been issued a new license will be able to produce and sell marijuana.
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Doctors planning clinic devoted solely to medical marijuana - A pair of Ontario doctors is planning a brave foray into the perilous field of marijuana medicine: a new clinic dedicated solely to assessing people for possible cannabis prescriptions, where patients could also pick up their dose of pot.
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Federal government allowing more medical marijuana grow ops   -   The 38-year-old operations analyst from Welland, who who asked that his name not be used, has struggled with severe anxiety and depression since he was a teenager and pot is the only thing that provides relief. He has used several different medications to try to control his condition including Ativan, but found that left his head in a fog. “I have a job where I need to think and string together a conversation without being all stoned,” he said.
August 12, 2013

 Marijuana Stops Child's Severe Seizures  -  Charlotte Figi, 6, has Dravet Syndrome, a rare, severe form of eplilepsy.  Doctors tried everything they could think of to get her daily seizures to stop.  The family decided to try a special type of medical marijuana low in THC. Her parents say Charlotte is now thriving and seizures have been reduced to one a day.
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How Rob Kamermans made $500K as Canada’s top medical marijuana doctor — until police came knocking - Dr. Rob Kamermans was arrested by police while working at the emergency ward of the hospital for having given out too many medical marijuana prescriptions.
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